TFC Civic Tech Hackathon 2024

February 17th – 18th
Boston, MA

Change is
the Future.

Tech for Change is a national network of student clubs founded on the belief that technology can be used as a catalyst to foster a better and more equal society.


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We are Tech
For Change.

We operate in service of social justice and the public interest.

We are humbled and inspired by the power of technology to do good and, if unchecked, to do harm. And so, we need to not only educate technologists but also the general republic about this awesome power. And, we believe in responsible creation.

And so, we are committed to working to ensure that the creators of technology reflect our society because we also believe in the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion to bring about a better world.

We want to challenge the narrative and bring communities together around the potential of technology to be a positive force for change.



Tech for Change was started by students from Howard University and Boston University on behalf of the Public Interest Technology University Network to create opportunities for students to interact and collaborate across disciplines and institutions around a shared interest in advancing public interest technology.


The Public Interest Technology University Network

The Public Interest Technology University Network (PIT-UN) is a partnership of colleges and universities committed to educating students who can better apply technical understanding and practice to questions of individual rights, justice, social welfare, and the public good, particularly for those marginalized historically and today by existing systems and policies. PIT-UN envisions Public Interest Technology as an ecosystem and strives for a future where technology policy actively challenges structural inequalities.