tfc hackathon

The Civic Tech Hackathon

By Tech For Change

What is the Civic Tech Hackathon?

The Civic Tech Hackathon brings together students who are passionate about creating change and interested in the intersections of computer programming and government
/public policy. In teams, students collaborate to devise hacks that address a subset of social justice issues, which range from year to year. This is Public Interest Technology.

What is Public Interest Technology?

Public Interest Technology (PIT) is a field of technology which prioritizes and incorporates public interest to benefit the public good by considering values that hold us together in society. Public interest places an emphasis on the well being of the society as a whole rather than just an individual or a marginalized group. Furthermore, it is a study of how technology influences societal experiences and aims to create harmony in government and society. 

PIT is becoming a more essential and integral part of today’s society. because technology is growing to hold more of a governing force. Thus, it is important that we have experts to impose social and political influence in our technology to ensure that technology further implements the societal values that represent the whole of a society. 


Spark! and Computing & Data Sciences

Boston University

PIT-UN Member

Howard University

Howard University

PIT-UN Member

Public Interest Technology University Network

New America