Our Founders

The Inspiration Behind Tech For Change

Boston University and Howard University leaders of the national network of Tech for Change seek to advance the field of public interest technology by providing a structure for student engagement at universities nationally, and in the future, globally. 

Students can join the national Tech for Change network to connect with like minded students, engage in the annual national Civic Tech Hackathon, and access resources to support the launch and sustainability of the club chapter or affiliated clubs at their institution.

We want students and clubs to feel like they are part of a nationwide movement to advance public interest technology, and their involvement in this network will define, shape, and advance this movement.

Founding Universities

Tech For Change Manifesto

We operate in service of social justice and the public interest.
We are humbled and inspired by the power of technology to do good and, if unchecked, to do harm.

And so, we need to not only educate technologists but also the general republic about this awesome power. And, we believe in responsible creation.

And so, we are committed to working to ensure that the creators of technology reflect our society because we also believe in the power of diversity, equity, and inclusion to bring about a better world.

We want to challenge the narrative and bring communities together around the potential of technology to be a positive force for change.

We are Tech for Change.